OwlLight Therapy provides in home and community ABA therapy services to early learners. The services target increasing communication, appropriate social skills, selfcare, and decreasing maladaptive behavior. Furthermore, we promote knowledge and understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis to the families through parent training and quality services. Behavior Analysts empower families to feel confident and become experts in their child’s life by educating them and providing them the tools needed. Every child is unique and their treatment plan is individualized.

ABA Therapy

Group ABA Therapy

Early Therapeutic Services

School Consultation

Parent Training

Social/Play Skills Group

Behavior Reduction

Antecedent Based Interventions

Differential Reinforcement

Functional Behavior Assessment

Functional Communication Training

Parent-implemented Instruction and Intervention

Peer mediated instruction and intervention

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Natural Environment Teaching

Mand Training

Discrete Trial Teaching

Toilet Training

AAC Devices

School Readiness

Parent Training