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OwlLight Therapy is here to service and educate the community on Autism education and acceptance through ABA Therapy.

Services We Provide

ABA Therapy

Group ABA Therapy

Early Therapeutic Services

School Consultation

Parent Training

Social/Play Skills Group

About Us

OwlLight Therapy’s mission is to make a difference in a child’s life to promote socially significant behavior. OwlLight has a positive perspective towards change in ABA and envisions a positive difference in a parent and child’s life. With compassion, ethics, and positivity, we can be the change towards a bright future.
Our purpose is to educate the community and be part of the change while ensuring that the children remain our priority. Our approach will increase the kid’s independence to exercise their autonomy and live their life to their fullest potential. Effective therapeutic services are needed to teach this population the skills to succeed amongst their peers and community.

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